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WMMO Acoustic Showcase

WMMO Acoustic Showcase

A great way to showcase local talent in Central Florida

Acoustic Guitar

3 local artists are chosen to peform at the 98.9 WMMO Acoustic Showcase. Each artist is competing to get their song played on our Sunday Morning Acoustic  segment. The winner of the night is decided from the WMMO Talent team which makes their decision based on votes, audience participation and stage presence.

  • Are you a local artist or do you know a local artist who should perform at the next WMMO Acoustic Showcase? Email us your demo!


    Gibson Showroom

    25 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801

    Acoustic Showcase Winners' Circle

    Carly Jo Jackson

    Acoustic Showcase Winners

    Alex Cole 6-21-13 Luke Davids 3-22-13 Melanie Eaton 10-19-12 Bailey Callahan 9-21-12 Chris Burns 8-31-12 Carly Jo Jackson 6-2-12 Tina Nicole 4-27-12 Melissa Reyes 3-23-12 Logan Belle 10-7-11 Keith Eaton 9-9-11 Mandy Burgan 8-5-11

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    Performances and Behind the Scenes Interviews from our Acoustic Showcase

    Acoustic Showcase


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