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Posted: 8:34 a.m. Friday, July 18, 2014

Brian May's Red Special 

Brian May Red Special
Brian May Red Special

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By Denise Ryan

One of rock music's greatest guitarists couldn't afford a high quality Stratocaster when he was young so he and his dad set out to build a custom guitar. May said his dad was a genius, could build anything.. even built a TV for the family, so they built what would become a legend.

What do you need to make a guitar? Not just any guitar though, a truly legendary one. Well May and his dad used pieces of a 100 year-old-ish fireplace mantel, a piece of a table, part of his mother's knitting needle, part of a bicycle, and even springs from a motorbike. Hey, use whatever you can find that works right?

Inspired by seeing Jeff Beck trying to create feedback from his guitar with a speaker, May believes he was the first to create a guitar DESIGNED to feedback. It took May and his dad about two years to make the guitar around 1962-1964 and it's been at his side ever since. He says he doesn't insure it because you couldn't replace it.

Amateurs and professionals have tried to replicate the Red Special over the years but this one truly is one of a kind. There's even going to be a book about it out this October. To tide you over until October, check out May talking all about his beloved Red Special below.

And read more about it here.




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