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Posted: 6:50 a.m. Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Actual Pink House 

By Denise Ryan

It's the 3oth anniversary this year of the MTV contest Paint the Mutha Pink... who remembers it? Did you enter??

In case you don't remember exactly what was up for grabs you could've won a house in Bloomington, IN (that would be painted pink of course), a pink Jeep, a Pinoneer sound system (huge by today's standards), a garage full of Hawaiian Punch (glad they choose THAT pink substance over Pepto-Bismol huh?), and last but certainly not least, a barbecue with John Mellencamp not only performing but also serving as grill master! Oh and this big party served double duty as a painting party.... the winner and friends would be painting the house pink! Check out the contest promo:

Unfortunately for MTV, the house they got such a good deal on to give away was across the street from a toxic dump... Mellencamp didn't want to, you know, POISON his fans, so they bought a different house to give away. The woman who ended up winning though only "lived" there 2 days before selling it (she was from Washington state... guess she wasn't ready to reloacte to America's Heartland). Here's the winner and painting party/barbecue, enjoy the flashback!


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