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Florida woman shot after performing sex act for $5 and Pringles chips, deputies say

A Florida woman is in the hospital after being shot at a Shell gas station on Lem Turner Road on the north side of Jacksonville, according to police.

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The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told ActionNewsJax that around 10:23 p.m. Monday, a woman agreed to perform a sexual act with the shooting suspect in exchange for $5 and Pringles potato chips.

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After the act, the suspect demanded his $5 back and shot her in the shoulder before fleeing the scene on foot, the Sheriff's Office said. 

The woman has non-life-threatening injuries. Detectives are investigating the incident.

73-year-old hid crack cocaine in ear during traffic stop

A 73-year-old Michigan man is expected to face drug charges following a traffic stop early Friday in which deputies said he tried to hide a bag of crack cocaine in his ear. 

WWMT in Kalamazoo reported that the Battle Creek man, whose name has been withheld pending charges, was stopped for speeding in Springfield just after midnight. As a deputy talked to the driver, he noticed a bag poking out of the man’s ear.

Investigators said the bag held suspected crack cocaine and that the man attempted to hide the drugs by jamming the bag into his ear canal, the news station reported

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The man suffered an unrelated health issue during the subsequent investigation and was taken to a hospital for treatment, WWMT reported. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is seeking drug possession charges against the man. 

Police: Woman smashed way into station looking for cop she was sexually harassing

A Pennsylvania woman was caught on surveillance cameras busting her way into a small-town police station looking for the police officer she’s been sexually harassing since he arrested her last May, police officials said. 

Ashley Kristen Keister, 28, of Nanticoke, was booked Monday on charges of aggravated assault on a police officer, harassment by communicating lewd or threatening language, two counts of criminal mischief, two counts of institutional vandalism, loitering and prowling at night, disorderly conduct and burglary, according to court records. She is being held in the Luzerne County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bond.  

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West Wyoming police Chief Curt Nocera told WNEP in Moosic that Keister’s harassment of the unnamed officer began after he arrested her. Court records show that Keister was arrested May 4, 2018, in the borough, located about 15 miles southwest of Scranton, and charged with defiant trespassing, resisting arrest and making terroristic threats causing serious public inconvenience. 

She was arrested later that same month in the borough of Kingston on charges of harassment and simple assault, the documents show.

Nocera said the alleged harassment of the West Wyoming officer had been ongoing on social media since May but got worse last week. The chief told the news station Keister began sending the male officer drawings and calling 911 asking to speak to him. 

Nocera said he confronted Keister about the harassment just hours before she is accused of breaking into West Wyoming’s municipal building, which houses the police department. The building was closed to the public for the night. 

“I made her sign a piece of paper saying that she wouldn’t contact (the) specific officer like she’s been (doing), sending him upwards of 20 plus messages a day,” Nocera told WNEP

A few hours after signing that paper, Keister again called 911 and told a dispatcher she was going to the West Wyoming municipal building looking for the officer, the chief said. Surveillance footage from outside the building shows a woman identified as Keister knocking angrily on the door several times before picking up a cigarette butt urn that stood near the door, gripping it like a baseball bat and smashing in the glass door.

Watch the surveillance footage below, courtesy of ABC World News Tonight.

Footage from inside the building caught what happened next. 

“She then entered the building, rummaged through the filing cabinets out in the borough building (and) tried to gain entry again by trying to kick the door in from the borough side into the police department,” Nocera told WNEP

The Citizens’ Voice in Wilkes-Barre reported that Keister went through the filing cabinets looking for documents on the investigation into her alleged harassment of the unnamed officer. After walking back outside through the broken door, Keister used the urn to break more of the glass out of the door frame, the newspaper said.   

Photos obtained by the paper show the door to the building surrounded by shattered glass and the urn lying on the floor inside. 

The newspaper reported that Keister went to her vehicle and sat inside, waiting for officers to respond to the building. When an officer arrived, she charged him and swung at his head, police officials said. 

Her alleged assault of the officer was also caught on camera. It took a second officer to help get her into handcuffs.

Nocera told WNEP that the department has to “beef up” security. 

“(We need to) look around at all our municipal buildings -- fire, EMS (emergency medical services) and police -- to make sure that people like this can’t break in and get to first responders,” the chief said

Florida woman attacks parents for refusing to take her to Outback Steakhouse, deputies say

A Florida woman attacked her parents last week following a dispute over Outback Steakhouse, deputies said.

According to WPLG, Deana Seltzer, 28, of Lake Worth, was arrested Jan. 2 on charges of simple battery, battery of a person 65 or older and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said.

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Authorities said Seltzer repeatedly punched her mother, scratched her father, flipped a glass table and destroyed furniture after her mother said she wouldn't take her to the popular chain restaurant, ABC News reported.

Deputies also said Seltzer grabbed a 12-inch knife and chased her father while screaming, "I'm going to (expletive) kill you," WPLG reported.

Seltzer was booked in the Palm Beach County jail, then released the next day on "supervised recognizance," ABC News reported.

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Florida man hit dad in face with pizza after learning he helped deliver him, police say

A Florida man who found out his father helped deliver him when he was born inexplicably smashed hot pizza in the older man’s face upon learning the news, police officials said. 

Robert Thomas Houston, 33, of Holiday, is charged with domestic battery, according to Pasco County Jail records. He remained in the county jail Monday in lieu of $150 bond. 

WFLA in Tampa reported that sheriff’s deputies were called Thursday to the Houston family’s home, where they found a pizza slice on a chair and cheese and sauce strewn around the room. According to an arrest report obtained by the news station, Houston’s father told the deputies that his son became angry after learning he’d helped deliver him in 1985. 

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The man said that he’d gone for a walk with his dogs as his son waited on the porch for a pizza to be delivered, WFLA reported. When he returned from the walk, his son held him down in a chair, smashing the pizza in his face and screaming at him. 

“The victim began to flail around, trying to get the defendant off of him, at which point the defendant went outside and awaited law enforcement,” the report obtained by the news station said

The responding deputies found Houston waiting for them.

“He walked up to me and turned around putting his hands behind his back, saying he knows I'm going to take him to jail,” a deputy wrote in the report. 

It was not known why the news surrounding his birth upset Houston, WFLA reported. Two family members present at the time of the attack corroborated the father’s statements. 

Jail records indicate Tuesday is Houston’s 34th birthday. 

32-year-old accused of posing as 15-year-old homeless student to enroll in high school

School officials in New York state became suspicious when a 15-year-old girl who claimed to be homeless sought enrollment at Cairo-Durham High School.

Though she was allowed to enroll in accordance with federal law, the girl calling herself Riley Madison attended just one day of classes before district officials learned the truth -- the teen was actually a 32-year-old Cairo woman named Michaelann Goodrich.

“The Cairo-Durham School District, in which Ms. Goodrich sought to enroll, followed appropriate procedures and contacted local authorities to investigate,” according to a news release from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. “(Investigators) conducted an investigation which was diligently concluded before the end of the local schools’ winter vacation.”

Goodrich was arrested Dec. 28 and charged with first-degree offering false instrument for filing and first-degree falsifying business records, both Class E felonies in New York. She was also charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing, Sheriff’s Office officials said

She was booked into the Green County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond. 

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WNYT in Albany reported that Goodrich attended classes Dec. 20, riding a school bus to and from the high school. She was absent the following day and classes were dismissed Dec. 22 for the winter break. 

Anthony Taibi, superintendent of the Cairo-Durham Central School District, said administrators felt early on that something was amiss.

“When the individual attempted to enroll in December, the district immediately contacted law enforcement to investigate after some red flags were raised,” Taibi said in a statement posted to the district’s website. “Based on the federal McKinney-Vento Act and the individual’s identification as a homeless student, she was entitled to immediate enrollment.

“The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal regulation that requires schools to provide homeless students with the right to enroll in public school immediately, even if lacking the documents normally required for enrollment (e.g., immunization records, residency, academic records). Under this act, a student can enroll in school and attend classes while the school gathers the needed documents.”

It was during that process that doubts were raised, the statement read. 

“We want to stress that the individual was on campus for only one day and was continually under the supervision of district staff,” Taibi said. “Students who may have had contact with the individual have already been interviewed.”

The superintendent’s statement said district officials are reviewing enrollment procedures under McKinney-Vento and continue to cooperate with the Sheriff’s Office’s investigation. 

Joel Rowell, a senior investigator with the Sheriff’s Office, told WNYT investigators are still trying to determine why Goodrich enrolled herself in high school -- and whether or not she’s done it in other school districts. 

“She could’ve gone in numerous different ways to obtain a degree, and we actually found out through the investigation that she has a high school diploma,” Rowell told the news station. “So that just leads to our investigation to try to figure out what exactly her motive was for attending school.”

‘Don’t be like this guy’: Police photo shows drunken driver hanging from truck window

A California police department used the unfortunate experience of one drunken driver to warn people against drinking and driving over the New Year’s holiday.

Police officials in Cathedral City on Sunday shared a photo on their department’s Facebook page that shows a man hanging, upside down, from the window of his truck. 

“Have plans to hang out during New Year’s Eve?” the post read. “Well we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and remind everyone to celebrate responsibly. Don’t be like the guy in this photo, who is literally ‘hanging out.’”

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The unidentified driver was involved in a hit-and-run crash earlier in the evening, the post read. After fleeing the scene, he pulled up to the keypad at what appears to be an apartment complex or other gated neighborhood, investigators said. 

“As he leaned over, due to his intoxicated state, he fell out of the window, getting his foot caught in the steering wheel,” the post read. “Due to the confined space (and) his inability to help himself, the Cathedral City Fire Department had to respond and cut the steering wheel to free him.”

Police officials said the man was uninjured and able to laugh at himself for “being in that ‘position.’” He was ultimately jailed for DUI and hit-and-run, according to the Facebook post. 

“Please be responsible during the extended holiday weekend and take care of one another. We want you around in 2019,” the post read.

Many of the department’s followers found the incident funny. 

“That is one hangover,” one woman wrote. 

“I hate when that happens,” another chimed in. 

Other commenters were impressed with the man’s truck.

“So that Dodge might be for sale soon,” one man wrote. Another asked if it would be at the department’s impound auction. 

The photo was shared across the social media platform, including by the California Highway Patrol. 

“Celebrate Responsibly!!” a Highway Patrol post read. “Don’t be like this guy who was ‘Hanging Out’ and was found by @cathedral_city_police.”

The post was shared more than 1,200 times from the agencies’ accounts. 

Woman stuck 30 feet high in tree rescued after chasing drone

A Massachusetts woman scaled a tree to get her drone and found herself stuck 30 feet up.

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Police, fire and a technical rescue team used a ladder truck to help her down as dozens of people watched along Water Street in Milford.

The woman, Enid Diaz, told Boston's WFXT that she spent about an hour freezing in that tree and while neighbors think she's crazy, she has no regrets.

"I tried to climb the tree the first time, but my sneakers were making them slip, so I took my shoes off, and I had a better grip with my socks," she said, discussing why she went without shoes in the tree.

At nearby TD's Pub, a group gathered outside watching the woman clutching branches in the tree and her subsequent rescue.

"The fire department was here, the police department was here, the ambulance was here. It was a circus," said R.J. Malnati, a bar patron.

Multiple witnesses told WFXT that the woman climbing the tree to retrieve her drone wasn't the odd part. 

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"She was hooing like an owl," Malnati said. 

"Hoo, hoo! So we had no idea what was going on," said Dana Larson, owner of TD's Pub.

Diaz said she was only calling for her daughter and her friend down below, and not making animal noises. 

"I never one time said, ‘Hoo, hoo.’ I’m not an owl," Diaz said.

Despite what neighbors think, Diaz, who was scratched up and sore, has no regrets. She is grateful she made it.

"The tree started shaking. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna go down.’ And it was like, I was tired and cold, so there was times I felt I couldn’t hold on, but I did," she said.

And she's not done flying her drone. She says it still works.

No horsing around: Police help round up horses after they escape from pen

There was no horsing around when it came to a rescue in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

Police rounded up four horses after they broke out of their pen on Brush Run Road.

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Police said drivers helped corral them, and Al's Cafe on McMurray Road gave the horses carrots to keep them occupied.

The handlers took them back and, as police said, they are locked up for bad "be-hay-vior."

>> See the Facebook post here

Cemetery: ‘God is responsible’ for fixing flood-exposed graves

The operators of a South Carolina cemetery have come under fire after one worker reportedly said that “God is responsible” for repairing several graves exposed by recent record-breaking rainfall. 

The damaged graves, which included opened grave vaults and at least 10 exposed caskets, were discovered Sunday at Monrovia Union Cemetery in downtown Charleston, according to WCSC. The news station reported Monday that South Carolina law requires cemetery officials to report exposed graves to the coroner of the county where the graveyard is located. 

Monrovia officials had not done so at that time. 

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WCSC reporter Brooke Griffin called the cemetery office, where a man who would not give his name told her the rain was an act of God, so “God is responsible” for fixing the damage, Griffin said. 

“‘These families that are upset shouldn’t even care. The people they have in here are dead, they don’t have a voice, why does it matter if they have water in the grave?’ That’s what the man said when I called the Monrovia Cemetery contact number today,” Griffin wrote on Twitter

Family members of those laid to rest in the cemetery were aghast to discover the damage. 

“This is horrible, coming to see your family underwater and (the) casket lifted up over the grave like this,” Rosa Mais told WCSC

Jamaria Myers told the news station she wants to move her loved one from the cemetery.

“I asked if I can,” Myers said. “They said, ‘You would disturb her peace,’ but technically, she’s already out of the ground.”

Faith Doster told ABC News 4 in Mount Pleasant that she suspected her father’s grave was one of those disturbed by the flooding when she saw photos and thought she recognized his casket. 

“I went home and put on my boots and came back out, walked over there and sure enough, it’s him,” Doster told the station. “He’s literally up out the ground. I can actually see his casket, he’s not in the tomb anymore.”

Robin Marion told The Washington Post that she went Tuesday to the historically African-American cemetery, where she found distraught relatives trying to clean up their loved ones’ graves. Some visitors could not even find the graves they were looking for. 

“A lot of people were crying,” said Marion, who has a grandmother, great-grandmother and multiple cousins buried at Monrovia. “A young lady was a little distraught, standing on top of her mother’s vault, trying to put pressure on it to get it back down.

“It’s just sad. This is a disaster.”

South Carolina Rep. Wendell Gilliard, who represents Charleston, told the Post he also went to the cemetery Tuesday after receiving multiple calls about the issue, but found the gates locked.

“When I got out there, the first thing I was taken by was the fact that people were actually jumping over the fence to check (on their loved ones' graves) because somebody had actually put a lock on the entrance,” Gilliard told the newspaper. “I found that to be upsetting, so I got on the phone and I asked them to kindly remove the locks.”

A groundskeeper did so about 30 minutes later, at which point Gilliard joined distraught family members on the grounds. Again, he was taken aback. 

“People were actually on top of graves crying and kneeling. You had to see it to believe it,” Gilliard said

Several people, including Gilliard, have tried to get a meaningful response from the Monrovia Union Cemetery Association, the nonprofit board that The Post and Courier in Charleston reported owns the cemetery. The board member who serves as its agent, Bryan McNeal, had stopped taking calls about the cemetery flooding. 

The Washington Post reported that when a reporter called McNeal’s office Wednesday, a woman answered the phone, but a man’s voice could be heard in the background, saying, “Tell her the situation is not as bad as the media is making it.” 

The woman relayed that message and added that the flooding was “nothing that the cemetery did.”

“We’ve been there, too, and we’ve seen it,” the woman, who did not give her name, told the reporter, according to the Post. “We don’t know who you spoke to. It was handled in only the way it can be handled. We’re working on trying to fix the problem.”

The Post and Courier reported that groundskeepers at the cemetery installed pumps on Wednesday to clear water from the largest area of flooding. ABC News 4 reported that a cemetery spokesperson told one of its reporters that workers will do whatever they can to correct the problem once the water recedes. 

A more permanent solution will not be easy, the newspaper said. The cemetery is in a low-lying area alongside a drainage creek that feeds into the Ashley River. Heavy rains that flood the Ashley cause drainage water to rise throughout the area, including in the cemetery. 

There is also little the state can do to force the issue, since Monrovia Union Cemetery is not a perpetual care cemetery, both the Post and the Post and Courier reported. Because it is a private cemetery and does not receive caretaking funds from the families of the people buried in the more than 1,000 graves located there, the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation does not license the site. 

The state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control also has no jurisdiction in the matter because the exposed graves do not pose a health risk, the Post and Courier said

Gilliard told the newspaper he questions what the next step should be. 

“It’s just disgusting what I saw here today,” the lawmaker said Tuesday. “It’s disgusting to the families, embarrassing to the city of Charleston and the state. 

“One of these agencies is going to have to come through for the people here. That’s the bottom line.”

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