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Watch The Full Trailer For Motley Crue’s “The Dirt” Coming On Netflix

Back in 2001 Motley Crue released their book “The Dirt”.

The book tells the band’s story.

For years after that they were trying to turn the book into a movie.

Now, the movie is done and will hit Netflix on March 22nd.

Check out the full trailer below.

Check Out Unreleased Tom Petty Tune For Real From Upcoming Set “The Best Of Everything”

On March 1st 2019 a Tom Petty career retrospective called “The Best Of Everything” will come out.

One of the tracks is an unreleased tune called “For Real’ that was recorded in 2000.

You can check out the acoustic based tune below.

Are you glad they have gone into Tom’s vaults to release material we haven’t heard yet?

Watch What Neal Schon’s Journey Through Time Tour Is All About

Neal Schon has assembled a band called Journey Through Time.

Beside Schon the band also features other Journey alumni singer/keyboardist Greg Rolie (who was also in Santana with Neal) and drummer Deen Castronovo.

Neal has also invited Steve Perry to be involved in the tour.

Conventional wisdom says that isn’t going to happen.

The band will perform all the greatest Journey hits plus choice selections from their earliest recordings.

Schon says "We're really going to play anything that's in our repertoire — anything that Journey has recorded, I plan on mixing it up a lot and not playing the same set. Stuff from our first three records — we're going to update that a little bit — and have some fun jamming!"

Watch some videos of the band below.

Watch Video For Sammy Hagar And The Circle “Trust Fund Baby”

On May 10th the first studio album from Sammy Hagar and The Circle, “Space Between”, will be released.

In the band with Sammy are Bassist Michael Anthony, Drummer Jason Bonham and Guitarist Vic Johnson.

Sammy has been hinting around that this could be his last album.

Below check out the album’s first single “Trust Fund Baby”.

Check Out Axl Rose’s Looney New Tune

Axl Rose has released his first new music since 2008.

I’m betting it wasn’t what you were expecting.

The song is called “Rock The Rock”.

Axl had nothing to do with writing the song.

It’s a song from the “New Looney Tunes” episode "Armageddon Outta Here, Part Two" which premiered on December 24th.

In the episode Axl asks Bugs Bunny and Porky pig directions to the Civic Center where he will be playing with his band Steel Underpants.

They tell him it doesn’t matter because an asteroid is headed towards Earth and will destroy our planet before the show.

Axl says his new speakers can “Shake mountains to the ground”.

Bugs suggests that Axl using the Looney Tunes gang as his backing band play loud enough to destroy the asteroid.

The song they play is Axl’s new tune. 

Watch what happens below.

Christmas Punk From CJ Ramone, Little Steven And More

I love Christmas music no matter what genre.

Provided it’s a good song of course.

Here are a few Punk Christmas selections that I think you’ll really dig.

There are a couple new tracks from my buddy CJ Ramone.

There is his original “Christmas Lullabye” and his cover of The Kinks “Father Christmas”.

You also get to see Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul run through The Ramones Classic “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)”.

Then there is also Joey Ramone covering Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” from the Phil Spector Christmas Album that U2 also famously covered.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the tunes!!!

Watch Foreigner Christmas Caroling

Caroling is becoming a lost art these days.

But imagine what it would be like if rock bands went caroling.

You don’t have to imagine anymore.

Watch Foreigner caroling below.

If “Bohemian Rhapsody” Was A Christmas Song Plus Bonus Zeppelin Xmas Tunes

You know when you hear a song that’s so hysterical that you just have to play it for all your friends?

Well that’s about to happen.

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” is seeing a resurgence due to the film of the same name.

Imagine if it was a Christmas song.

Check out a Yuletide take on the tune below.

Play the whole thing and I guarantee you’ll be laughing out loud.

Also below watch Robert Plant run through an Elvis holiday tune.

Plus check out “Winter Wonderland” done to a familiar tune.

Watch The Trailer For Netflix “Springsteen On Broadway”

“Springsteen On Broadway” is an extremely powerful show that Bruce has been doing since October 2017.

The run of shows has been extended twice. 

It features Springsteen telling stories and performing songs either on acoustic guitar or on piano.

He is joined by his wife to sing with him on a couple tunes each night.

I saw the show back in January and it knocked me out.

I always described a Springsteen concert as taking me to a certain time and place in my life.

I describe this show as encompassing my entire life.

Watch the trailer below and then catch the entire show starting December 16th on Netflix.

Watch William Shatner Do A Holiday Classic With Billy F Gibbons

Believe it or not William Shatner’s first ever holiday album, “Shatner Claus” is out now.

I can hardly believe the list of guests on this album.

The list includes Henry Rollins, Artimus Pyle, Brad Paisley, Iggy Pop, Billy F Gibbons and more.

Check out the video of Shatner and Gibbons doing “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” below. Then below that check out the track listing.

Track listing: 


01. Jingle Bells (feat. Henry Rollins) 

02. Blue Christmas (feat. Brad Paisley) 

03. Little Drummer Boy (feat. Joe Louis Walker ) 

04. Winter Wonderland (feat. Todd Rundgren & Artimus Pyle) 

05. Twas The Night Before Christmas (feat. Mel Collins) 

06. Run Rudolph Run (feat. Elliot Easton) 

07. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (feat. Rick Wakeman) 

08. Silver Bells (feat. Ian Anderson) 

09. One for You, One For Me 

10. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (feat. Billy Gibbons) 

11. Silent Night (feat. Iggy Pop) 

12. White Christmas (feat. Judy Collins) 

13. Feliz Navidad (feat. Dani Bander) 


Bonus track: 


14. Jingle Bells (feat Henry Rollins) (punk rock version)

Watch Robert Plant Sing Elvis At A Party

On November 23rd Robert Plant attended the birthday party for his ex-wife Maureen.

There happened to be a live band at the party.

Robert decided to join the band to have a little fun.

Together they ran through a few Elvis tunes, “One Night With You”, “Little Sister” and “A Big Hunk O’ Love”.

Watch the performances below.

Watch WKRP’s “Turkeys Away” The Funniest Thanksgiving TV Show Ever

October 30th 1978 “WKRP In Cincinnati” aired a Thanksgiving themed episode.

It was titled “Turkeys Away”.

It easily has to be the funniest Thanksgiving TV show ever.

Station manager Arthur “Big Guy” Carlson has a great idea to push turkeys out of a helicopter.

Of course the problem can be summed up in the classic line from the episode “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”.

One of the craziest things about this is that it was based on an actual radio station’s promo event gone awry.

Watch the show for yourself below and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Watch Rami Malek Side By Side With Freddie Mercury

The movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a big hit.

A lot of people are raving about the job Rami Malek did playing Freddie Mercury.

Exactly how good of a job did he do?

See for yourself.

The video below shows Freddie’s actual performance with Queen at Live Aid side by side with the filming of that scene from the movie.

I must say, it is incredible.

Would You Go See Foreigner’s Original Members With The Current Band?

Foreigner is currently out on the road for 4 “special celebration” shows featuring the band’s original members.

It’s called “Double Vision: Then and Now”.

They kicked off the short run in LA.

The show began with the current Foreigner line up doing 7 songs.

That was followed by the original band doing 5 tunes.

They then wrapped it up with everyone on stage to perform “I Want To Know What Love Is” and “Hot Blooded”.

The only one missing was original bassist Ed Gagliardi, who died in 2014.

Check out a few tunes from the show below.

Billy F Gibbons Talks New Album, Show At House Of Blues, BB King & More

Friday September 21st 2018 Billy F Gibbons released his second solo record "The Big Bad Blues".

Billy and I spoke the day the album came out.

We discussed many of the tracks on the album, the guys in the band, guitars, influences, the blues and his upcoming show at House Of Blues on November 6th.

Billy also shared a couple cool stories about BB King.

Listen to the interview immediately below and then below that check out a few tunes from "The Big Bad Blues".

WATCH: Tom Petty’s Brother & Daughter at Gainesville’s New “Tom Petty Park”

Bruce Petty speaks exactly like Tom. LOVED what he said. Filled my heart with joy.

Let’s do a road trip over there!

And Tom’s daughter Adria! You gotta hear what she said about Petty fans helping them cope after losing him.

It’s not a surprise that he has such a great family but it is so nice that they share so much of themselves with us and make us feel part of theirs. Truly beautiful!

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